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Hand care

Hand care, more detailed...

 Hands can give us  very much information  about a person. Remember how in the novel "Gone with the wind" Ratt Butler looking at Scarlett(апостроф)hands realized in what difficult financial situation she was? Despite her elegant dress and a serene smile! And for poets hands were a source of inspiration. Yesenin compared the hands of his beloved woman with a pair of swans, Tsvetaeva praised the hands of her grandmother, that played Chopin's waltzes, and Bunin devoted to his beloved's hand a poem: "Here in this hand - all your being...". 
Well-groomed hands with young smooth skin, neatly processed cuticle and a good form of nails are a necessary component of your image. Healthy appearance of hands and nails is achieved in a very simple way – regular visits to the nail salon. If you make a manicure your habit, you will not have to hide your hands on a date or a business meeting. On the contrary, you will unobtrusively emphasize your accuracy and taste.