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Beauty injections


Beauty injections are 

attentive attitude to your appearance: regular massages and treatments, skilful make – up, properly selected hair color, fashionable haircut allow you to keep a blooming look for a long time and look almost perfect... but it does not stop time. We cannot block the physical and biological laws of the earth. But knowledge of these laws allows modern cosmetology to find more and more new methods that bring us closer to the impossible.

The second decade of the XXI century does not know more effective and safe method of correction of age-related changes than "the injection of beauty", namely contour plastic, mesotherapy and biorevitalization . The injections are able to solve three global problems: rejuvenation, modeling and skin recovery.

• elimination  of fine lines and wrinkles ("crow's feet") on the face, neck and decollete,
• elimination of moderate and deep wrinkles (wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds),
• restoration of skin tone and elasticity,
• long-term hydration,
• solving the problem of hyperpigmentation.

• elimination of deep skin depressions,
• the formation of the contour of the face,
• lip volume increase and support the corners of the mouth,
• correction of the contour of cheeks, cheekbones, nose and chin,
• effective cellulite control,
• elimination of excess local fat deposits on the face (second chin) and body.

• the removal of pastoznost and swelling of the skin,
• elimination of atrophic (including striae), hypertrophic and keloid scars,
• treatment of erythrose,couperose (telangiectasias) and rosacea,
• treatment of varicose veins,
• treatment of alopecia (baldness),
• rehabilitation after various surgical interventions,
• recovery after aggressive treatments (peeling, skin polishing).

Surgiderm is a series of drugs-fillers of the new, third generation from the French company Corneal based on the patented 3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix technology.

Restylane is a medical implant of the latest generation developed in Sweden to solve aesthetic problems in women and men.

Princess is dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid for contour plastics, biorevitalization and bioreinforcement. 

Teosyal is a wonderful development for contour plastics by the Swiss laboratory Teoxane.