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Care for men

Care for men

 Men are the most demanding customers. If they allocate time to take care of themselves, they are waiting for good results. They set high standards. They respect professionalism. And they appreciate the skills of specialists of TERRA dell UOMO.
Here you can put yourself in order after a hard day's work, remove the accumulated fatigue before an important meeting, remove the "beer" tummy, relax tense muscles – and to forget about the problems at least  for an hour, wrapped in a cozy robe and wearing Slippers on your feet.
To the question of why man needs to look after himself, we can quote the words of one French, invited to the Moscow secular evening: "I don't believe his expensive suit. He's got a nasty haircut." Indeed, the status of a modern man is not determined by the brand of shirts and cufflinks,but first of all a good haircut, well-groomed hands, skin and hair health.              

Hair salon
• Best solution for graying hair - ammonia-free toning for men. The procedure lasts only 10 minutes!
• Various treatments for hair and scalp, created specifically for men, but also loved by women.                                                  
• Hair and scalp treatments Alterna Bamboo men.                           
• Men's haircut and styling.
• General massage (Wellness, classic, segmental-reflex, connective tissue, acupressure).
• Massage of problem areas ("beer" belly, sides)useing the cosmetics Iodase (Italy).
• Massage of the neck, the lumbar-sacral areas.
• Sports massage (toning, sedative, restorative).
• Massage of the head and the face.

• Spa treatments "The Lord of the volcanoes "(Babor)," Sea Odyssey " (Thal'ion).
• Wrapping with Thal'ion" Three Active " as an accompaniment to fitness and sports.
• Relaxing, energizing Thal'ion treatments to relieve tension and back pain.
• Body care Babor Men (moisturizing, anti-aging treatments, lifting).  

Beauty injections Surgiderm, Restylane, Princess, Teosyal (rejuvenation, modeling, rehabilitation)                                                
• Contour plastic.                                                       
• Mesotherapy (vitamin cocktails for the skin).                           
• Biorevitalization.

Hardware cosmetology
• Hardware procedures Elos (rejuvenation, hair removal).
• Male waxing, including intimate areas.
• Ultrasonic phonophoresis.
Hand and foot care
• Men's manicure and pedicure.    
Gift certificate TERRA dell UOMO is an elegant and original gift that can surprise, delight and remember. Depending on the chosen procedures, it may be appropriate in a variety of situations: friend's birthday, colleague's anniversary, New year, child's birth, March 8, February 23 and, of course, Valentine's Day. 

Different options are possible:
• Procedure or set of procedures chosen by you.
• Gift card for any amount.