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"People are met not by their clothes.They are met by their hairstyle, although  there are no labels on it ", - said one famous stylist. And who is ready to argue with it? The hair will tell about you more  than the expensive suit, but much will hide if you want it. When a talented hairdresser-stylist works with your hair, everything works with your image: the color of the hair makes the eyes expressive, and the skin blooming, the shape of the hairstyle emphasizes beautiful facial features and if it retouches some shortcomings.

The hairdressers of salon TERRA dell UOMO are high-level specialists. They know that the person has to leave a hairdressing chair changed and beautiful. But they also remember that the hair should live(кавычки) outside the salon. The great importance is the convenience of self-styling-that every day the hair would serve as decoration until the next visit to the stylist . 
Do not forget about hair care. Bad ecology, stress, wrong mode of the day, alas, affect the condition of the scalp and hair. Our masters can recommend you as healthy rituals in the salon, and hair protection products, treatment, hair care and styling at home.